FRM is a company made up of people with one passion: bicycles. We produce the lightest MTB on the market, right here in Italy. We work hard to offer the best products that we possibly can, designing, constructing and testing them ourselves here in Emilia Romagna, Italy, south of Bologna.

We dedicate our time and energy to provide you with bikes and components designed to distinguish you from the crowd. We are here to help you in each and every situation you may encounter and to help you to improve your performance, whether you compete or you ride just for fun.

We use carbon – it offers limitless possibilities. By weaving and gluing sheets of carbon fibre together we can obtain any form that we require, maintaining a very high level of resistance alongside incredible lightness. Working with carbon fibre isn’t easy, a great amount of experience is are required to bring about a product like an FRM bike. This is why we entrust ourselves and our products to real craftsmen, artists in their own field.


FRM is a small company but we don’t fear competition. Our products are a fusion of innovative technology and our experience. This isn’t something that just anybody can do; otherwise the world would be over-flowing with MTBs under 7kg. Our goal lies in the continuous search for a better component, or a new idea to further improve the performance of your bike.

FRM is famous for the lightness of the bike components we create. Riders pedal for hours, they tire themselves out, they sweat, tackle uphill and downhill stretches, and manoevre through jumps and bumps. To get maximum performance safely and in the most comfortable manner possible your bike has to be at one with your body.

With all the obstacles you’ll encounter on your ride, you bike should not be one of them. Your FRM bike will give you a huge advantage and confidence, precisely because we designed it with this goal in mind. Even if you aren’t a world champion, we have you in mind too.